Welcome to my website! It acts as a signpost to some of the projects and media I am involved with.

nat schooler

A little bit about me: my name is Nat Schooler. I am a Futuristic Podcast Host, International Best Selling Author, Tech Industry Analyst and Advocate: Principal Consultant at The Influencer Marketing Company.

In my personal life I am into exercise, in particular Taichi, world travel and motorcycling, oh and of course great tasting food and drink.

When at work, I deliver fresh ideas, strategy and advice on next generation technology to businesses of all sizes. 

Below is the inaugural episode for Positive Personal Power, if you are stuck in your career this will help you.

People buy from me because I am connected, informed and trusted; providing senior management unbiased guidance for technology focused business process improvement and methodology.

Special interests include AI, IoT, Cloud Computing, SaaS. Security and HR systems. Special focus on social community management and influencer marketing management in these areas.

Currently Nat Schooler dot com stands at almost 200 articles, my focus has shifted a little to the podcasts, which stand at over 250. I am still looking for special guest authors, co-hosts and guests.

If you want to learn a bit more about what we have been doing with podcasts visit this page for more information.

My story from my formative years to the present day, briefly…

I was born into a long established entrepreneurial family, on both sides. I have from an early age known the work business leaders go through; to build their skills, their brands and to create jobs.

My father influenced me a lot during my early years; he was Britain’s leading business management expert in the 1980s. Professor Schooler taught over 2500 post graduate business students and l had the pleasure to work with him in the family wine business.

Flush Metal Corp

Jerome Schooler (Awarded MIT’s Prestigious JP Morgan Award) studied industrial management and engineering at MIT and in the 1950s and 1960s he ran Flush Metal Corp in New York with my grandfather Nathan Schooler (also an MIT Grad +VIP); until moving to the UK 45+ years ago to start a new life.

Even now at the age of 87 my Dad continues to be a wealth of knowledge and a great inspiration to me.

Nearly 15 years ago I left my family’s boutique wine business to become an independent consultant. I quickly acquired the knowledge, insights and skills to leverage the use of my personal brand. With much resilience and focus, I contacted people, nurtured relationships and grew my network. I have built many opportunities and a few good friendships along the way.

Prior experience in premium retail, wholesale and export taught me business communication is about real world relationships, (avoiding techno speak and meaningless jargon at ALL costs!.)

Today I am grateful to have access to a portfolio of networked, global technical expertise and experience. Being able to deliver rapid results from brand strategy and marketing campaign management.

Our team deliver projects of all sizes and work within all departments to ensure success, brand communications are the life of business so need to be communicated through the beating heart of businesses.

Get in contact with me today to discuss how we can work together:- nat@natschooler.com