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Nathaniel Schooler is a Futuristic Podcast Expert, Entrepreneur & Trusted Advisor. CEO of Legacy Media Hub and Co-Founder of International Imposter Syndrome Awareness Day, Nat’s purpose is to Empower, Create & Implement Fresh Ideas, Overcome Roadblocks & Design Life for Success.

Long Bio

Nathaniel Schooler is a Futuristic Podcast Host, Entrepreneur & Trusted Advisor. A renowned expert in Branding & Strategy For Career & Business Success and podcasting aficionado with 250+ Interviews and collaborations with Michael Tobin OBE, Kim-Adele Platts, Stanley Tucci and other luminaries. Nat believes that people need to be empowered to create their own success by overcoming obstacles and designing their lives for personal or business success.

Nat Schooler is Chief Executive Officer – Legacy Media Hub – Your Brand, Your Vision, Your Story – Leaving A Legacy.

The Legacy Media Hub is a trusted, global incubator of hands-on resources and tools that help you become awesome at growing your business.

As a global, diverse team, we’re experienced and multi-disciplined. We’re seasoned; multicultural authors, advertising and business branding experts that help entrepreneurs and organisations leave a legacy instead of becoming just another statistic in the world’s largest industry.

If you have a great vision for the future and are looking to become an expert, Legacy Media Hub can help bring your vision to reality. We tell the world how you want to be remembered.

He co-founded the first International Imposter Syndrome Awareness Day with colleagues Kim-Adele and Lisa Ventura. His clients include IBM, Google, Microsoft, Oracle and Brother Printers and he is a LinkedIn Power Profile Award winner.

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LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/nathanielschooler/

Twitter https://twitter.com/natschooler

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/natschooler/?hl=en

Facebook https://web.facebook.com/NatCSchooler

TikTok https://www.tiktok.com/@natschooler?

Website https://natschooler.com/

Website https://www.mastermindset.co.uk

Website https://iisad.org

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