Building Your Personal Brand At 40

Building your personal brand and where to start When you hit 40, building your personal brand is something that you should certainly consider and reassessing where you are located in relation to your goals is the first step. For many people in life hitting “The Big 40“, is a time to reassess where you are, […]

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My Mum Was Right About Travelling In Latin America

Travelling in Latin America is dangerous for sure! When travelling in Latin America, I underestimated how dangerous it was, things had changed somewhat since backpacking around the world in my 20’s. I caught a bus at 4am to the frontier, then a cab to the border. Walking into the passport office was an interesting experience, […]

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Personal Branding For Business And Career Success

Leveraging Personal Branding For Business and Career Success I interviewed Simon and Kirsty Besley from Newton Creative, we discussed personal branding for career and business success, one of the projects she had been involved with on a creative level sounded particularly interesting. “The people that worked on their brands had to behave, look and speak […]

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