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A marketer, specialising in social media use for engagement and brand building, an IBM Futurist and paid contributor to #THINKMarketing

Whilst digital marketing is something I have built a reputation in, prior experience in premium retail, wholesale and export taught me business communication is about real world relationships, (avoiding techno speak and meaningless jargon)

Becoming an independent consultant over seven years ago, I acquired the knowledge, insights and skills in leveraging the use of digital marketing to contact people, nurture relationships, close, grow networks, and so built businesses and a few good friendships along the way.

I deliver transformational offline and digital marketing campaign strategies, coach digital marketing and social media marketing workshops and select scalable, suitable technologies (being a recognised assessor of technology platforms). I can make digital marketing work for businesses who want to achieve real tangible results for their brand and bottom line.

Personal branding
Social media marketing consulting
content creation
Social Amplification
social media event marketing

Great job guys first time our account ever trended on Twitter. All thanks to you!

David Mathison - Chairman & Ceo
CDO Club / Chief Digital Officers Summit

“Nat, throws himself into “Social” and is one of the few people you can really call a “Social Media Expert”. Nat has become my “go to” for anything technical about Social Media tools and I’ve never found something he cannot fix or bend to work.”

Timothy (Tim) Hughes
Social Selling Pioneer

“Nat is a first class operator in social business matters. He knows what’s going on all the time and he has a keen sense of what’s going to work in which situation.

I’ve worked with him on several projects in the past year and I have come to regard him as a “Go To” person when I have gaps in my own knowledge.

He’s structured, amiable, keen to give a great service and a great prophet of “social process management”. He’s on my top team any day. Hope I’m on his!” 

Mike Briercliffe - Chief of Digital Next Dimension Media
Startup Mentor, Open Systems veteran

Nathaniel helped to create my personal brand statement, which I used for my CV. This resulted in 2 interviews and securing a great job within 5 days!

Farah Idris
Executive PA /Business Manager

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