The Idiots Guide To Faking Influence

Growing a considerable following on social media usually takes time and effort.

It is not something that normally happens overnight!

So some people cheat and buy followers! But you cannot fake influence for long!

Twitter recently announced they would be getting rid of a lot of “Fake” accounts and “Bots” that were deemed to be fake by them. This post does not go into the ins and outs of why you would have fake followers or parasitic bots obviously there is a lot more to this conversation than that.

Since Twitter has done this I have personally seen some particular “Influencer” accounts go from 1.1 million followers down to 375K and then noticed when analysing these accounts with third party tools that they still have 70% rubbish left!

Before you think about buying fake likes, fans and views, think about how it would look to anyone who takes the time to analyse your accounts and how much money you could cost your business in lost revenue or credibility over the longer term.

Here is my original post about a company selling the ‘opportunity’ to supply said fakes :-

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