Working From Home My Top Tips


Working from home can be a struggle

Whether you work for a business or work for yourself, working from home can be a real struggle and over the years we have all found it to be tough, here are some of the positives and negatives.

No commute so you can do your job wherever you want and don’t get stuck in traffic on M25 or get stuck at the train station
Save money on fuel or trains
Work life balance, according to Michael Tobin OBE this doesn’t exist! He has a new book coming out which covers some of the challenges I mention in my Facebook live video
Live, Love, Work, Prosper is the title and he discusses it with me in the first interview with him here on Next Level Podcast
Can do what you want at home
Better for the environment
Less stressful for you
Less distractions from coworkers
Quieter usually!
You can work in your pants
You don’t have to shave
Right off small proportion of your home office expenses on your taxes
Can get compensation from employer for ink and other incidentals
Can be convenient if you have kids and you get to spend more time with them and your spouse
More private so you can really excel Self-discipline is needed to get rolling in the morning sometimes

Must motivate yourself entirely
Miss out on speaking with people and having fun at the water cooler
No co-workers to have lunch with
Never escape office to go home as you are already there
Can be messy and take up space
People have no idea how many hours you are putting in (bit like production in winery)
Danger of working too hard and late into the night
Can be distracted by things you like to do or family and friends who just drop by

My Top Tips for productivity at home are :-

Use Trello first thing in the morning for 19 minutes and review your tasks
Maintain a presence at the main office or with your cofounder or coworkers
Report in often so your boss knows you are working
Don’t spend too much time on social media as you may be seen to be wasting time
Treat your study like a real office, close the door at 6pm and don’t work until next morning
Get dressed and shave, be consistent with your work hours, even if you go to be late get up and start work at the same time.

Use social media scheduling tools
Take regular breaks every 52 minutes for 17 minutes to stay productive
Get some noise cancelling earphones if kids are around
Explain to Kids and Wife you are working
Eat regularly
Take exercise
Don’t drink too much coffee
Have a big goal and if what you are doing doesn’t help achieve that then don’t do it.
Brian for Folders
Every day
Not Important

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