How Your Messages Are Killing Your Relationships In This Technological Age

Don’t miss the mark, messaging is only part of relationship building!

When exchanging text messages or emails with our friends and business contacts; we are more often than not missing the mark.

Without putting ourselves in other people’s shoes we may not understand how they could perceive our message.

Don’t let your messages be taken out of context

On many occasions messages can be taken out of context completely and like the video above can cause all sorts of problems.

Sometimes messages can create enormous arguments or misunderstandings. We can come to blows or at least have an argument on the phone due to the badly thought out message that we sent.

Keep calm and invest some time to learn how to communicate better

Conflict causes us to have a spike in our Cortisol levels and the increase in Adrenaline can make us a little edgy, we could have a really bad day and it could kill our relationship with the friend, person, or even the business that we are working with.

The amount of times I have exchanged messages with clients or friends and we have completely misunderstood what is being said, generally when people are attempting to get their point across they don’t take enough time to create the message, much like these two jokers in the video…

Communication is something that I am personally always striving to make better, after writing a list of the things that were holding me back. Now I take the time, usually to respond to messages the right way, to make sure my message reflects exactly the meaning that I want the recipient to receive.

Take your time to communicate, never rush, it causes problems

So next time you are about to send a message, think about how you can be misunderstood and stand and ponder. Take the time to put yourself in the other person’s shoes and perhaps pick up the phone, leave a voice message or meet for coffee.

Building your personal brand also helps to get your message across, people take us more seriously and will generally have a better idea of our underlying communication style if we craft it correctly.

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