Why #Klout70?

So this Klout 70 group, what’s it all about?
People keep asking me…

We are a group of like business people who want to learn how to engage more with our target markets and existing clients whilst looking good online.

Not only for making new friends but for learning new practices of how best to do social media marketing and to tie it into our marketing strategies. Joining up the dark art with real metrics.

But Klout isn’t any good lots of people keep saying…

Why don’t you come up with an influence score yourself and then take yourself out of the game of Klout. They usually say oh yes maybe I will but I never hear any more about it…

So what have we learned?

Content is important but without a community content is a waste of time. Brands and individuals are still broadcasting information in the hope that someone will see it and comment or engage. Whilst this may be true to a certain degree if there is no community it’s not going to work.

We have built a group of 100 people on WhatsApp that are engaged and have all grown their online reach and influence dramatically, not only have we done this on under 7 days but we are running a number of other groups that are filling up fast. We are also having a meet up today on London to really engage face to face.

Don’t forget without real world relationships, where online meets offline we are just playing at social networking. Social Networking is not behind a desk or behind a phone on a train having a chat it’s having a face to face interaction with each other and discovering who is real and who is fake…

My advice is be yourself but be careful you don’t look bad online imagine you are taking the time to speak with someone you have never met before and first impressions count or the fifty shades of grey won’t be on the agenda…

If you like what you have read or have an idea for a group please get involved and send Thomas Power or I a tweet @thomaspower or @natschooler or email me nat @socialdojo.co.uk

Thanks to Thomas Power for coming up with such a great idea.

Have a great weekend.

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