What should you pay for Social Media Consulting and why Negotiate Ethically?

What to pay for Social Media & the Implications of Negotiating too hard?

When I was working for my father’s wine business I had the fortune to sell to our US importer; he was educated at Harvard and my father was educated at MIT.

It was all about the value added services we would provide and not just the price per bottle. He was ethical in his style and thankfully I had a good teacher!

This is a very good video explaining the types of negotiators out there, uncovering some valuable insights…

I have also had the privilege to be purchasing products so I understand the needs of the buyer first hand and know it is all about people first, next it is about service and quality then its finally about price and terms.

One of the most important things I learnt was :-

“The Supplier determines the price and the Buyer the Terms.” 

I purchased large quantities of glass bottles, labels, capsules and other ingredients as cheaply as humanly possible, but with high quality (not an easy task); delivery also needed to be on time with no damaged or substandard items.

The best sales people let me close the sales myself and solved my problems with their solutions. The price was also important but not as much as the time of delivery and financial implications of breakages and low quality items. What we were really looking for was a long term relationship with our suppliers, much like how we build relationships with our clients at Social Dojo.

Another interesting video on win / win relationships!

In many cases management teams don’t put in place ethical standards stipulating the consequences of paying late and at discounted rates. They get the best price, but miss out on the value added services and knowledge bases that the agencies and consultants have; as their price is not sustainable in the longer term, so the relationship struggles.

Generally marketing consultants charge anywhere from £75 per hour to £350, this really depends on the expertise needed and type of tools they have in their toolbox.

Fortunately there are many businesses that do have ethical policies in place and we have the privilege of dealing with them. So rather than having a traditional buyer seller relationship, we have partnerships which enable us to create the latest training courses and technologies to bring the results our clients require.

Social Dojo use a number of different technology providers providing many different tools. So we can handle any project large or small, we create a plan and then allocate the correct expertise and tools, partnering with larger agencies where applicable to ensure projects are delivering real world results. 

We work out how you need to drive your brand awareness and make you famous within your niche; assisting you at all levels of your conversion funnel to ensure you generate business from your efforts and not just hostility from your sales teams for delivering the wrong type of leads. We work with you to convert your leads into customers and build relationships with your existing clients ensuring you become famous “Thoughtleaders”.

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