What is Your Story? Brand Or Fail?

What is your story? I hear so many stories from people, marketers call themselves storytellers these days, personal brand specialists ask this question too!

The question is are you going to build your business brand or your personal brand or both or fail?

We are able to craft stories to engage people to encourage people to buy into us.

So of course like I said the first question is, what is your story?

What Is Your Story
Nathaniel C Schooler

So when I started in brand marketing it was my job to go out and get new business from drinks companies. I remember on one of my first days a seasoned designer showed me the Johnnie Walker brand book, it contained the history of their brand.

This was a catalyst for deep learning; it was the beginning of my understanding of branding and now fits into my story and knowledge set, whilst it was the beginning of my formal studies into branding I knew more from decades in the drinks industry.

If you want to learn more about it I have outlined a few resources below to help you think about what is your story.

I have found it to be one of the best stories in business today. It is a big brand yes, it is owned by a huge corporation but it is a fantastic story nevertheless.

Here is the video from the Johnnie Walker story: – “Keep On Walking”

Secondly, a few weeks ago my podcast show was taken over by a friend of mine, a very experienced interviewer and marketer in her own right, it was very unnerving I must admit.

We discussed The Importance of Your Online Brand and Growth Mindset in Times of Crisis there is even a video to watch if you click through, failing that the audio is below.

Here is the episode: – Podcast Takeover: The Importance of Your Online Brand and Growth Mindset in Times of Crisis

I also learnt a great deal from a gentleman called Douglas Commaille, he was commercial director at The Lab at Leo Burnett, which was a time old advertising agency. He’s done all sorts of different things, but he’s also a barrister in law and a very, very interesting individual.

If you follow the link below he shares some insights here from his time working at Krug Champagne and many of the other big brands in the world. He also used to write speeches for the Prime Minister of Malaysia. So I think you’re going to enjoy this as a great episode.

We discuss Luxury Branding with Krug Champagne and some other key luxury brands.

So if you find yourself in a strange place take the time and listen to the resources I have outlined above. And feel free to reach out to me if you need help. nat@natschooler.com

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