Twitter’s new direct message limit

Spamming or a great marketers tool?

Twitter just took on email, finally a potential solution for email marketers to embrace, removing the ridiculous costs that we all have to put up with from the big email platforms “holding” our data!
You can now send a Twitter Direct Mail with 10000 characters and I haven’t even reached 300 yet in this blog post.
We are now on the cusp of something huge, just think of all your communications without email, email that you subscribe to, email that you don’t read and never unsubscribe to as it’s too time consuming! You can block a Twitter user with one click.
Customer service departments will be utilising these features, ensuring the customer receives all the information they need without any hassle of changing platforms. Pictures for proof of purchase are very simple, damage in transit pictures very simple too! 
Yes you can send mails to people that are not following you, but on mass the enterprise tools I don’t think will encourage this kind of behaviour, otherwise people will desert the platform. So your messaging has to be extremely contextual and targeted.
The good news is that the message doesn’t expand unless we actually click, so “real marketeers” will benefit from this, the people and businesses that have the technical expertise to embrace the traditional marketing methods of copywriting and planning strategically as opposed to tactically.
For Marketers the new Twitter character limit is gold dust, the only problem is that without knowledge of audience segmentation and direct message tools and best practices for sending messages they will fall flat on their faces. They will lose followers in droves, as I said one click and boom your history! I absolutely love this feature.

Don’t forget that when sending email there are reports that tell you when is the best time to send email for opening, with Twitter you can run some really cool best time to Tweet reports which will enable you to mail people with the largest chance to get them to read it even going so far as to seeing who is online now as we speak!

@ThomasPower and I agreed that Twitter was the new telephone and for some it really is! It’s also now replacing email for many things, apparently Tesco and EE will be embracing the use of direct messages for customer service departments as we speak.
The only problem is some users are not able to see the messages, so for now I would wait a little longer as some countries aren’t recieveing the updated functionality, perhaps do a trial campaign from a small segment first (always wise).

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5 thoughts on “Twitter’s new direct message limit”

  1. Interesting to see Twitter raising limits on Direct Message length.  You mention ridiculous costs that we all have to put up with from email platforms.  What are these ridiculous costs? I don’t see 10,000 text characters replacing responsive targeted email marketing. It might add another channel to the marketing toolbox but I don’t think it will replace email.

  2. Thanks for your comment Trevor I am referring to the cost of storing and maintaining millions of email addresses and sening out campaigns and agree it is just another channel, there is never a next big think just an adjustment ton how the marketig mix is used to build relationships and grow sales best regards Nat

  3. NatSchooler I agree that for the ESP the cost of storing vast quantities of data, both contact data and campaign/tracking data is high. For the typical individual marketer though the cost is very low and completely absorbed through the ESP monthly or annual charge for their service.  This is the same for Twitter. Twitter’s operational costs aren’t a consideration for the marketer who will be concerned with the cost of running their own CRM and the costs of any Enterprise software tools that will end up being used to manage 10,000 character DM campaigns.

    Far from spelling the end of email marketing, the changes to Twitter’s DM use will add another channel to an effective cross-channel marketing campaign.  Carefully planned, a good communication strategy can now leverage multi-touch marketing from offline with direct mail to online with email marketing and social media including carefully targeted extended Twitter DMs.  With the average number of touches per customer conversion ranging from 3 to 8 depending upon industry the more opportunities we have, as marketers, to touch our clients the better our chances of getting the right message in front of them at the right time.

  4. TrevorMunday NatSchooler  agree entirely Trevor, if you read my latest blog here it covers some of what you mentioned, particularly a holistic approach 😉 thank you!

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