The mobile tactics that turn consumer off your brand

Mobile marketing tactics…

Consumers are becoming very wary of the short lived mobile marketing tactics that businesses are using to push them to give up their data and to buy products and services online.

Like most people reading this I have bought most things online. Because of continued frustrations my online purchasing has now gone full circle, back into supporting the bricks and mortar stores.

I actually enjoy walking around and looking at what I am going to buy, finding this a welcomed break from my screen, whilst I am in the shop I may check my phone for reviews and prices of what I am buying.

Recently I went to buy some running shoes and  after speaking to a friend who does a lot of running decided to go to a specialist running store. I told a member of my family that I was going to buy some shoes. He said, “just look for the same pair on Amazon and you’ll save yourself £20.” I decided to support this specialist running shop in Guildford instead as they had been so kind in doing my gate analysis and helping me pick the best ones for my feet.

We still need to be aware of the importance of customer service and to stop pushing people to buy products and services. With the use of chat-bots it is certainly possible to mimic this old school personalised customer service

Marketers should help us obtain all the information we need to make informed purchasing decisions without the pushy tactics! If you would like to read the article about mobile tactics from marketing week there is a link below.

Every day, consumers are met with marketing tactics that aim to speed up the buying process, from money-off incentives to limited time offers. Savvier consumers are aware of these not-so-subtle ways to lure them into stores and to buy online but some brands are using more questionable tactics to entice people to buy on less familiar retail channels such as mobile.

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