Social Selling And What It Should Be Or Shouldn’t?

Social Media For Business

We hear people talk about push marketing, pull marketing, social this broadcast that, paid advertising, organic search, Google PPC, bla bla bla…

Rather than you commenting on what techniques are not good or unethical why don’t you spend your valuable time testing your own methods to see what is working and what isn’t.

A/B testing is one way to do this by utilising the analytics platforms you are using.

I would also recommend that you put together a strategic plan which enables you to get maximum reach to your followers or Facebook fans, scheduling relevant content to your followers and fans at the most targeted times possible. This will mean you can build opportunities for revenue streams from consulting work and other service offerings like training and perhaps management if you offer it.

We all know that paid advertisements are still effective on the Internet especially when followed up by ad re targeting campaigns and other marketing methods. It is possible to even track down the IP address now so your telesales team can telephone the company to arrange a face to face meeting to discuss whatever service or product you are selling.

Most self proclaimed social media experts or gurus actually say that these intrusive methods aren’t ethical and don’t fit in with their belief systems.

I know someone personally who has built a sizeable multinational signage business by using these disruptive tactics and has stopped all marketing as he has rapid growth.

Selling on social media is like selling face to face, if you are pushy and not able to have a sensible conversation with a potential client or partner then you should either not be selling or should get some training.

I have personally spent the last 5 years changing from being a pushy salesman to being a consultant and have completed numerous sales and marketing courses, it is imperative to keep up to date with the latest developments and methods of social selling and consultative selling.

On social media you need to realise that for some businesses certain automation methods work really well. For a bootstrapped startup businesses then some kind of social media automations may be entirely necessary to direct the new follower to an awesome Facebook page or blog article for an example or even notify them that the person is on holiday perhaps (which I will be using sometime soon).

You cannot have one without the other as these platforms you are using and continually complaining about are actually businesses and have to generate profits for shareholders. So whether you like it or not the content that is going to be out there will be more driven by big data and will become more personalised to the individual user experience.

Here is another bit of advice from the classic Glengarry Glen Ross Speech. Don’t watch if you dislike strong language!!

When selling, even on social media its important to remember the ABC rule:-
A = Always,
B = Be,
C = Closing

If you haven’t started with a clear set of objectives in mind then I think it’s back to thinking why are you on social and what do you want people to do?

Then how are you going to encourage this behaviour?

Times are changing and businesses must keep up with the latest changes in the social media landscape.

It all started with crop rotation, then the industrial revolution and mass production including technology for automating production lines came along. We all drive those cars, we don’t say oh no I can’t drive this Mercedes as they don’t use humans! You don’t boycott Carlsberg beer for using a bottling line to keep the cost of your beer down.

You won’t be complaining when the costs of your goods and services stay below inflation over the next 20 years due to the fact that most executives will have computerised virtual assistants capable of making decisions based upon certain set criteria actually generating a self learning program for people to interact with sad as it may be.

My fan page Social Dojo has achieved over 370 likes in the last couple months due to an automated message on Twitter which I send out to all new followers. So what I will say is whether you like it or not cross channel promotion is important to get potential advocates to read and share your content.

Don’t forget we are in businesses to make money and hopefully have some fun, not to criticise others for pushing the boundaries of what we deem right or wrong for our own circumstances.

I hope you have found this article useful and look forward to sharing more content with you over the coming months and years as my business grows.

3 thoughts on “Social Selling And What It Should Be Or Shouldn’t?”

  1. Great article and film clip.

    Always Be Closing and AIDA have been around for decades but are still as current today. I was teaching sales teams these acronyms back in the 1970/80’s. I would wholeheartedly agree with you the hard sell is last century, Consultative Selling is the only way forward.

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