Social Media Strategy

Strategy is key with social media marketing

So many businesses and individuals waste endless hours and huge amounts of money on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and the list goes on…

On a daily basis we are eating up more than 3 hours per day using social media, this figure is a split on average between personal and business users. This is why having a strategy is key to the success of your social media marketing investment. Before your business does anything its important to take a step back and conduct a full social media audit.

If you aren’t generating sales leads and converting those leads into business revenues then maybe doing social media is at the moment not a worthwhile investment. It is very important to be tracking your social spending to conversions. Without this you don’t know if your investing or wasting your marketing budget.

10 Things to consider when conducting a full social media audit

1) What social media platforms you are on?

2) How often you are posting on each platform?

3) Are you interacting or just broadcasting on a soapbox?

4) How many mentions, shares, retweets and connections are you building? 

5) How many website visits are you generating split between platform for roi?

6) How many emails or mobile app downloads have you from each platform?

7) What is your conversion rate per platform ?

8) How much does it cost you per lead ?

9) How many leads are you converting ?

10) How much profit has been generated ?

Once these questions have been answered, we can look in more detail at the type of content you are sharing the time of day, platforms you are on, demographics of users within your community; the method of promotion and whether your paid adverts and time spent are worth the investment or not.

It could be the case that you would be better of utilising Google adwords management instead of social promotion, or you may even decide that putting your money into generating leads from a telesales team or similar offline methods are more profitable for you.

You may have not been communicating your brand values or essence of what you stand for effectively to your potential clients. This is certainly the case when businesses outsource their social media marketing, the problem they face is everyone is doing social and they hire a company who promise them the earth but dont deliver what was expected.


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