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IBM, much like Adobe, Oracle and other large tech businesses are attempting to provide a one stop shop for automation tools, these tools can be used for automating mobile marketing, social media, email marketing and even trigger a letter to go out in the post.

We hear about the UX all the time and what really is disturbing are the levels of automation that can be used are becoming more and more sophisticated. With sentiment analysis also triggering a certain series of responses based upon criteria that is written into the program.

As I have been saying for a while now, we have the technology to automate a lot of things including social media folks! Lots of social media tasks are becoming fully automated by machines, it already has a business case and is being adopted by large corporate marketing departments. Computers don’t talk back like gobby social media managers!

The days of having teams of people managing social media are not over yet, but the amount of people needed to manage campaigns will be greatly reduced and whilst we all love to be employing lots of people and using the human touch…The social media purists will hate this but its happening in front of your eyes. Entire buying decisions are being made based on trigger points that occur on social channels that are automated!

The difference now is that the full suite of tools is a way of not only encouraging purchasing but a way of gathering data. That data is being collected and utilised to build a hugely important picture of consumers locations, purchasing behaviours, prefered methods of contact and where they are in the buying cycle.

Lots and lots of new jobs are being created within organisations to manage these automations and for the people who really get it there are endless opportunities to utilise someone else’s toolbox to build whatever auto responses along the UX (User Experience). So if you want to be stuck within small business social media consulting just continue to ignore these at your peril!

Its all about mobile coupons, the IBM platform supports multi-channel offers, vouchers and rewards. In the UK we have been very slow to adopt these coupons at point of sale, I remember trying to launch a mobile sms coupon system 3 years ago was like banging my head on a wall!

Enhancing paper coupons and vouchers with digital tokens are now hitting the retailers near you.

IBM work with M&S, Tesco, Blacks, Greggs Yate’s, who use mobile apps rewards vouchers.

All campaigns are tied into the CRM database, the campaigns start in digital and traditional media…an offer is out there somewhere. Once the customer says yes a unique code is created, traced, tracked and then the voucher can be then presented to the customer on their mobile device.

Then it is live validated and redeemed at the point of sale in the store. This triggers a sequence of follow up automations that are used to create engagement and customer retention of course trying to get the customer to promote the brand on other social channels, really working hard to maximise every step.

All the data is analysed in real time and then that data can be re-used and processed to build the exact picture of that customer. Then in future customers can get get sent more offers similar to this one to encourage buying behaviours.

I took some photos at this event and have embedded a google+ picture album for you to look at. 

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