Social Media Goals and Objectives

Social Media Goals and Objectives

Is your boss still waiting for you to turn the key to social media science and roi?

Or is he or she happy for you to continue wasting the organisations money without giving it a second thought or working out what the social media goals and objectives should be?

Without analysis and refinement and the all important social media goals and objectives how can the companies return on investment be maximised?

The challenge we face as marketeers and social media managers is bringing clarity to the social media effectiveness.

In order to do this we need to firstly ask the question “Why are we on social media?”

Once we have outlined the answer to this we can actually have a clearer picture of what success looks like. If we don’t know what success looks like then how will we be able to ensure our success, it’s rather like building a building with no plans.

The definition of success is going to be different for each business on social media.

Brand awareness goals are :-

* More new followers or fans
* Increased engagement
* Increased impressions (how many people may have seen your brand?)

Or direct revenue goals

* App downloads
* Email subscribers
* Sales leads
* Purchases

The next challenge is actually tracking these goals enabling you to see which platforms directly influenced the sale of those items or services you are selling. You may find that your customer saw a Twitter ad then liked your Facebook page then jumped to your website and back to Linkedin then from there went back to your website to make a purchase or even picked up the telephone.

So the question is how are you going to be tracking all this activity??

The good news is that Google analytics will do a lot of this for you. Once you have set it up you can see how your clients ended up purchasing from your business the detailed view is not 100% correct but is going to give you a much clearer picture than before.

This is great as it brings the ROI of social media under the spotlight and any CEO can see clearly the investment in social media was a great idea; rather than not really getting the implications of social media upon his business and seeing the conversions!

Facebook and Twitter paid advertising now actually gives you some very good information, which you can use to track conversions, this is crucial when developing your plan. Deciding what you will class as a conversion. It could be that call tracking is also used to give you a clearer understanding as to which platforms are working for your business. This means you allocate a specific set of numbers which people will call, these are put into google analytics and then your marketing manager can keep a closer eye on whats happening. Without call tracking you aren’t really getting 100% of the picture.

Don’t forget that your strategy should be reviewed on a regular basis and tweaked to give you better results, always refining and adapting what you are doing to maximise your investment. You may find that a particular piece of content is doing well and decide to expand on it. For instance by writing another article along the same line to ride the wave of a specific trend or news story or development in your industry.

The reasoning behind a strategy is to keep you focused on the outcomes you desire. Tweaking and working with your entire team to ensure the refinement of conversions is key. For example you may look into your google analytics dashboard and realise that your bounce rate is high for your website, lots of people hitting a page the quickly disappearing by pressing back. In this instance you will need to investigate further and have a brainstorming session with your web design company, it could be the case you decide to have a live chat facility on your homepage to ensure that this improves, you may also decide that having a small figure pop up and explain your USP could be a solution also.

Just having a social media strategy or plan without a clear understanding of key marketing principles and copy writing basics you are going to have a hard time to convince web visitors to buy something.

Having a compelling offer is also critical so it could be the case that you get involved with helping to brainstorm the ideas with your sales director or board of directors to ensure that it fits with your target market, if not then that is another reason for a high bounce rate.

What you must understand that selling anything online or face to face is just like picking blueberries. When you are in the field their will be certain berries that are ripe and within reach, they are the right colour and just fall off the bush effortlessly, alternatively you may find there are some beautiful looking berries but they are just out of reach so your arms don’t quite stretch far enough, meaning that the resources to get them to buy anything are impractical.

The process of selling anything is a clear method of educating your prospects to the point of purchase by clear concise informational posts, videos, podcasts articles, telemarketing, face to face networking and other methods.

You hold the key to this and will be easily able to shine through the darkness with your expertise enabling the potential client to know you are the only expert that they would want to do business with in your arena.

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