10 Personal Branding Strategies Infographic with IBM

This personal branding strategies infographic was created with IBM, so we could demistify how to build your personal brand.

personal branding infographic with IBM

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Garin Kilpatrick (Marketing Strategy X) and I as were delivering personal branding training together and IBM offered to create this infographic for us.

I am now chief operations director at MasterMindSet and as a business, we do personal branding strategies and development for CEO’s and business leaders.

There are many personal branding consultants

Since Garin and I delivered Profile Jetpack and our personal branding services lots of personal branding consultants are now trying to capitalise on this niche. This is why choosing the right industry-specific personal branding expert is crucial to your success.

You should ideally pick a personal branding consultant that has experience within your industry sector and with a successful track record.

When looking for a personal branding strategy consultant take the time to look at their profile. Make a decision based upon their prior results and take into account LinkedIn is only part of personal branding.

I hope you find this infographic of value and if you want to take your brand to the next level.

Currently, I am also making a directory of personal branding consultants so message me for a recommendation or to get listed.


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