10 Personal Branding Strategies Infographic with IBM

This personal branding strategies infographic was created with IBM, so we could demistify how to build your personal brand.

Garin Kilpatrick (Marketing Strategy X) and I as were delivering personal branding training together and IBM offered to create this infographic for us.

My career has moved into influencer marketing since then.

As a business we don’t do personal branding strategies. It is part of our influencer marketing review process. Before we hire influencers taking the time to review their profiles is absolutely critical to the influencer marketing campaign we are building.

We hand select industry specific influencers for brands and non profits. Reviewing their personal brands is part of our selection process.

Evaluating, selecting and working with influencers means that brands get their content in front of the right audiences. We aim for their content to deliver value for as long as possible.

There are many personal branding consultants

Since Garin and I delivered Profile Jetpack and our personal branding services lots of personal branding consultants jumped on the bandwagon. This is why choosing the right industry specific personal branding expert is crucial to your success.

You should ideally pick a personal branding consultant that has experience within your industry sector and with a successful track record.

When looking for a personal branding strategy consultant take the time to look at their profile. Make a decision based upon their prior results and take into account LinkedIn is only part of personal branding.

I hope you find this infographic of value and if you want to take your brand to the next level. Please take the time to message me for details on the new podcasting course that I will be delivering,

Currently I am also making a directory of personal branding consultants so message me for a recommendation or to get listed.


personal branding infographic with IBM

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