Your Personal Brand Tells A Story

Personal brand story telling for career success

Before you begin to tell your personal brand story, it is a good idea to put your brand blueprint together.

A personal brand blueprint will save you a lot of time when putting together your CV or Resume. It also saves you a lot of time when deciding what to write about yourself on your website and social media profiles.

A brand blueprint acts as a palette for words, much like an artist would use a paint palette to create a painting within certain colour spectrums; you use a word palette to project the image that reflects who you are in an authentic way.

Taking the time to put together a brand blueprint document is a great investment. Don’t worry if you don’t have the time; you can always put together a personal brand statement in the short term.

Your personal brand is also a lot of fun to create

I know you are impatient to tell your story, but taking the time to plan is crucial to success.

Putting together your personal brand blueprint document, before you tell your story is needed to ensure your message remains consistent across the board.

Of course if you were a business, you would have a brand plan and knowledge of your key business drivers when putting your brand plan together. It should be no different when building your personal brand blueprint document, when deciding what story to tell and what your key personal drivers are to make you successful.

When building your personal brand blueprint it is important to include
• Explanation of what you do in words a 12 year old understands
• Authority and credibility boosting statements
• Reasons why you are different or better than anyone else
• Your own private words that sit behind you as an individual
• Authenticity is at the core of all of your wording, without it you are a copy cat

No matter what you need to be authentic to build relationships

Don’t forget authenticity is key to being successful with your story telling and it will enable you to connect with people on an deep emotional level. This will help you to build relationships and a strong connection.

Much like telling a story about a business brand and how it came to be respected by its customers. Your own story can be used to assist in building your personal brand, providing your story is consistent with the message you want to get across from your brand blueprint, it can be utilised to grow your authority, credibility and relationships with people.

Making sure you don’t lose your authenticity along the way is key within your story telling and ensuring your message is consistent across all your communication channels; an absolute must for your personal brand to aid you along your career path.

Today we are all competing for attention and to tell our personal brand story must engage.

Knowing how to explain what you do in simple words that anyone can understand, will stop you wasting your time and everyone else’s! People will otherwise just glance over your wording and if the words mean nothing to them, they will just get on with their day.

Create a clear picture of who you are, what you offer and who the offering is aimed at to succeed.

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