How Much Sleep Do We Really Need?

How much sleep do we need

Sleep really effects productivity!

There is still a debate on how much sleep we really need. The study that the sleep foundation did is really interesting. They actually did a very comprehensive study around this and the way that it effects performance

“The National Sleep Foundation released the results of a world-class study that took more than two years of research to complete – an update to our most-cited guidelines on how much sleep you really need at each age. You can read the research paper published in Sleep Health.”

Last night I was woken up by an alarm that had been set the week before at 3 am and then again at 4 am, so this morning I felt awful as didn’t get my regular 6-7 hours rest.

I get really moody when my sleep is messed up, I have trained in martial arts for 20 years and I do internal strength practice usually between 6 am and 8 am every day; it used to be between 5 am and 7 am but I guess my routine has shifted a little over the last few years.

This morning I should of really got up at 3 am and done my exercises, then I could of had a nap later in the day, rather than laying in and having a snooze; my sleep was messed up entirely and now focusing is hard, so like many I have turned to really strong coffee and will probably fall asleep over my dinner!

Anyhow I am hoping tomorrow morning is better as I have a lot to do…

The good news is that coffee is really good for you!

I will write about that sometime soon…goal is to blog every day!

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