Has Your Investment In Social Media Risen Inline With The Latest Trend?

How Much Are You Investing In Social Media??

Many business people and marketing managers that we speak to are increasing their investment in social media; although they tend to be very keen to track their conversions.

What I mean by conversions are actual monetary values not figures like the ones I have listed below. These are good to see to confirm that you are making progress and they can be linked to revenue; but until the client makes a purchase they are a bit like sticking your finger out of the window to guess which way the wind is blowing.

The good news is that as long as your system is working you can analyse and tweak your campaign to bring in monumental results for your business, although this generally does involve having an advertising budget so you can speed up your results.

Despite all this we are still happy to see these awesome statistics showing that most marketers are having to manage a lot more profiles and are investing a lot more time; not only creating content but sharing it and interacting.

Thanks to Social Media Marketing University for sharing this awesome infographic.



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