How to target an existing email database using social media?

Are we neglecting our email lists ?

Most businesses have built up email databases that can be harnessed by clever social media “marketeers” improving email open rates. Picking up sales from subscribers within other channels like Twitter.

Audience segmentation within social media can assist “lead nurturing campaigns.” Conversions increase from your existing warm leads (database subscribers) and growing sales from existing customers is easier too! Don’t forget the referrals via social media too! 

This is a great opportunity for businesses! Not only do you know who these customers or subscribers are, but you have the power to include “segmented data” within your marketing plans. Their location, last time they tweeted, how many followers they have, the best time to reach them on Twitter and you can encourage them to start opening emails more regularly. 

You can also nurture email subscribers that have clicked on a link but not made a purchase! Drilling down into the data is so important for some businesses and can be far more profitable than attempting to get new “cold leads” to purchase your products and services.

If combined with “special offers” that pop up in their Twitter feed for example, social media can really now be truly integrated into the marketing mix. Becoming a very valuable method in closing them on a sale, rather than untargeted spammy offers!

There are all sorts of reasons people don’t complete purchases online and it could be they wanted more information, so why not even ask them using a personalised direct message or you could ask them in an email after they have taken action on Twitter.

The most important thing to remember is that planning strategically is the best way to ensure existing subscribers or existing customers buy from you without being freaked out by campaigns that are too intrusive for them.

Many social media campaigns are just tactical as opposed to strategic! If integrated properly your community will be buzzing with noise and excitement about your brand and they won’t just unsubscribe and block your Twitter account but actually love you instead.

There is a very fine line between harassing your database and re-energising the relationships that you once had. This is just why you need to get the right expertise to make sure social media “marketing” campaigns are integrated into your entire customer experience and their journey to purchase and beyond.

Using the right combination of direct mail, email, social media, mobile and other channels will enhance the “customer experience” with your brand, building loyalty.

Tactical is not strategic and will not insure long-term relationships flourish as opposed to strategic “customer orientated” ways of doing integrated marketing campaigns.

Remember being on social media is one thing but without the right team, planning and resources in place it is seriously a waste of time.

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