Feel The Fear and Do it Anyway: Life’s Journey

Feel the fear and do it anyway: Life’s journey is certainly scary at times, one can sometimes compare it to walking in a dark tunnel. You can see at the beginning and then you are in the dark.

If you are lucky to have a light in the tunnel you are doing well. Some spend their whole lives not being able to see more than one step ahead!

The good news is that once you get to the other end of the tunnel you will see the light again. It is a weird experience and reminds me of travelling in New Zealand in my late 20s. In those days we had to upload pictures to a Hotmail account from internet cafes…:-)

I am writing this blog from a lovely barn I am renting in the middle of the Croatian countryside, surrounded by vineyards and olive groves.

It has been an eventful few months! I left the UK in June and drove to Poland where I explored for two months. My car thankfully made it to Croatia and then needed some urgent work.

This week I released the 20th episode from our Positive Personal Power podcast talking about the road trip I have been on and why…you can listen to it above.

The other 19 amazing episodes on the Positive Personal Power Podcast consist of interviews with many famous public figures and are there to help you get through life’s challenges.


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