Elon Musk on Artificial Intelligence!

Yes we have AI, and information from Elon Musk on Artificial Intelligence. He is scared it seems, from the tone he takes in this video. Yes we are in the process of innovating with AI for pretty much every business driver. But we don’t yet have a regulating authority, Elon uses the comparison against cigarette labelling in this video and he mentions the innovation that he is working on which will apparently enable us to bridge the gap between the brain and our current source of AI, namely Google and other internet giants.

So I am excited about the concept and may be interested in testing this new product when it is available, it will enable us to become super intelligent and predictive and be able to learn skills and have knowledge not just at our fingertips but in fact implanted into our brains.

No wonder he is developing Space X, if what he is working on brings us a much longer life, which is probably possible it will in fact mean we don’t have space on the Earth for the amount of people who have extended their lives…

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If you think about it Data is what AI feeds on, so in fact if you secure the data and make sure that it is controlled you will be in control of the AI, Ai is only being used for very specific tasks and in fact takes a lot longer than you think to impliment…read more below and watch the video.

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