Community Building – Real World Stories

This was a super exciting interview on community building (real world stories) with friend Tim McDonald (Former Director of Community at the Huffington Post).  He set strategy and oversaw a team of moderators, with over 300 million comments and 70,000 blogger!

We discussed how to actually building communities using social media and to build that so it impacts the real world and not just the virtual world.


Tim and I explain the successes that we have had on social media, I explained how I got the largest chain of bars and restaurants in the UK to buy beer from me when I used social media to connect with the buyer of the bar.

Here Tim explains how he built face to face networking events and used social media to do that, from what he says in this interview you could go ahead and build a huge community online or offline or in fact both. So don’t get caught up with the wrong attitude and be yourself.

People thought he did it on his own, but in fact he was the person who helped the others to make contact with each other.

We also discussed how to engage with people in the real world at networking events and what to do and not to do.

Community building real world stories is what this interview covered and some amazing success stories from Tim and I.

I also explain about setting expectations on social media when you meet them and how to get your community to work with you and for you to spread the words to inform the world about what you do, why you do it and why you are different and or better than anyone else.

Taking the time to create the right words for people to use to spread your message pays dividends, getting others to do your job for you as a community builder, if you build a healthy community without you being the centre of attention it will go on long after you have left or gone on holiday.

I discussed Richard White’s analogy of feeding others with a huge pair of chopsticks. Take the time to listen to this interview as it is extremely powerful!

If you want to learn more about how to make your retail outlet better then listen to this interview!

Don’t forget it is not about what you want it is about what the community wants, we need to think about what we have that they want, they usually want to have a sense of belonging!

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