Can I Buy You Coffee? Can I Buy You Lunch?

More often than not people who ask you “can I buy you coffee?” these questions don’t understand your value, they are under the impression that your time is free, that you are available to give them free advice.

But why? The reason they ask you if they can “pick your brains” is because you have not demonstrated your value to them by doing something really amazing or by actually building your personal brand the right way.

Building your personal brand is one of the most exciting things that you can do for your career, it is one of the most enjoyable things you can do too.

But why is your personal brand enjoyable to build?

Because you get to be who you want to be, you get to transmit your authentic self to people and to be recognised for your skills and beautiful talents and be recognised for what you want, not for what Google says about you or other social media channels, you get to explain exactly what you do in words that resonate to your target audience.

You also get to have fun, having fun is so important, it is the most crucial thing you can do for you to enjoy what you are doing and it enables you to bring happiness to others…why would you want to speak to people at work who were not happy?

If you need help, please drop me a line or visit the blog below with 40 slides to show you how to do it…

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