Social Media Marketing & Face To Face Networking

For business development interacting on social media can be a very powerful way to grow sales.

But to build strong relationships it is essential to meet face to face. Social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook are one thing but to build a real network you need to meetup in person.

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Social Media Marketing Analysis

Tracking Your Social Media Marketing

Need not be a chore, if setup correctly

No matter how difficult you think it may be to set up conversion tracking it is important for analysing your campaigns for success.

The time is running out for social media managers who do not optimise and analyse their campaigns for return on investment.

Each platform and campaign should ideally lead to a different landing page; this combined with call tracking will give you the most accurate figures to make informed decisions.

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Social Media Strategy

Strategy is key with social media marketing

So many businesses and individuals waste endless hours and huge amounts of money on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Pinterest and the list goes on…

On a daily basis we are eating up more than 3 hours per day using social media, this figure is a split on average between personal and business users. This is why having a strategy is key to the success of your social media marketing investment. Before your business does anything its important to take a step back and conduct a full social media audit.

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