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Martin Ducos

“Hi Nat, Thank you so much for your guidance on personal branding. No sooner had I begun to take you advice standardising my online image and polishing my personal descriptions, I started to get “head-hunted” by various agencies. It seems that by taking your advice my online image is now better portraying the reality of my skills and abilities in a clearly understandable format enabling the right people to find me for the right reasons! Keep up the good work and I hope people take your advice like I did. Best regards, M D”


Digital marketing at IBM

“It is a pleasure to work with Nat. As a THINK Marketing contributor, he brings unique strategies and perspective to personalization in marketing. He is highly dependable and an outstanding communicator. Nat drives engagement and high enthusiasm within the IBM Futurist community by contributing innovating and thought-provoking ideas. Nat is a thought-leader in his field and I look forward to continue to work with him.” Nereirda Zarco


MNA Partner Marketing Microsoft

“Nathaniel is very knowledgeable and creative, the Campaign management and brand marketing is always targeted and of intrinsic value.

You can always count on Nathaniel to do a superb job and wow the audience at the same time. And he also is very fun to work with.” Thomas Hall


Channel Consultant, Hubspot

“Nat is bursting with energy and enthusiasm. His knowledge and passion for social media and digital lead generation is superb.

Nat is a great motivator and engaging lecturer who never fails to make the crowd giggle with his quirky anecdotes!” Lucy Seed



Influencer Marketing at IBM

“Nat is one of the very first international Futurists that we’ve worked with for IBM Customer Engagement Solutions. Nat is a key contributor to THINK Marketing, a thought leadership website covering Digital Marketing, Data & Analytics, and Campaign Management. Nat brings a unique point of view for our North America audience, detailing his marketing experience from a European standpoint. Nat has been highly energetic about his role in the Futurist program look forward to continue working with him.” Frank Guardi


Digital Leader, Social Business Practitioner.

“Nat is a first class operator in social business matters. He knows what’s going on all the time and he has a keen sense of what’s going to work in which situation.

I’ve worked with him on several projects in the past year and I have come to regard him as a “Go To” person when I have gaps in my own knowledge.

He’s structured, amiable, keen to give a great service and a great prophet of “social process management”. He’s on my top team any day. Hope I’m on his!” Mike Briercliffe


Freelance writer and social business community manager

“If you are looking for somebody to energize your business, in aspects of marketing, social media presence, and contact building, Nat is the one. Nat has many creative ideas, along with his enthusiastic way of putting them into action, and his ability to see them through to their final stage.

He is also quite an avid and respectful listener, especially when experienced and knowledgeable people enter his scene. He thrives in their company. He is keen to learn from them, and, at the same time, open for their objective feedbacks. Nat has the drive you need for your business and I would not hesitate one second, should I need a trustworthy partner in my business.” Elisabeth Malouvier


Marketing Northern Europe at Lectra

“Nat is a very positive and driven digital media expert and excellent trainer. He is very inspiring with his catching enthusiasm and excellent knowledge concerning digital media marketing.

I have learned a lot during yesterdays’ workshop. Thanks a lot Nat for this fantastic experience!” An Vandenberk



Managing Partner

“With drive and inspiration Nat has taken us on a rollercoaster ride through the world of digital marketing, but still making enough stops along the way to give us the time to take in the views.” Gerard Zuidweg



Marketing & Communications at i.deeds nv

“Nathaniel is an inspiring and enthusiastic person with a very positive attitude.

He has the ability to translate the theory of Digital Marketing into a simple and pratical workshop. Excellent trainer!” Caroline Demeire



Chief Digital Officer CDO

“Nathaniel and I have worked together on a number of successful projects for generating leads on social media. I had the pleasure to attend the Chief Digital Officers Summit at the BBC with Nat, we trended worldwide on Twitter as our campaign was so well orchestrated.

Nat has now been requested to assist with future social media activities for CDO Summits and The CDO Club. He is up to speed with the latest social marketing technologies and I enjoy working with him to deliver real world business results.” Thomas Power

Management Consultant

“Nat is very energetic, personable and creative and is the right person to sound out interesting ideas.

I plan to work with him further.” Tom Wright



Chief Marketing Officer

“I attended a workshop with Nathaniel leading on Marketing Enablement and it was so refreshing, even for a seasoned marketer like myself already convinced of buyer-persona messaging and content marketing organised per buying-stages. Also a fun day! Nathaniel is defintely knowledgeable and I can highly recommend him.” Eliseo Manfron



Communications consultant

“Nathaniel is an energetic, enthusiastic and very well-connected consultant with an unquenchably positive attitude.

I would have Nat on my team without hesitation.” Jane Wharam



Director digital strategy and transformation

“Nat is a detail oriented person, expert in his field. He is very consistent and reliable. He fully understands his clients requirements and comes up with strategies which are very creative and within their budget. I had the opportunity to work with him on a few projects and I’m really impressed with his methodical approach. I’ll certainly recommend him for small or large projects in the future.” Raj Grover


BDM Elearning

“Nat is a energetic individual who has vision, drive and passion to make a business grow.

He is always so positive and is a pleasure to work with. I am happy to recommend his work and hope to continue to work with him long term.” Kevin Patrick

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