About Me

Who Am I?

IBM Futurist, Podcast Host & Marketeer with a Focus on Personal Branding for Career & Business Success. I am a LinkedIn Power Profile Award Winner and Writer for IBM’s THINKMarketing.

After using personal branding to help move forward in my career I have decided to share those secrets with people who want to advance in their careers and businesses to lead more fulfilling lives.

Whilst digital marketing is something I have built a reputation in, prior experience in premium retail, wholesale and export taught me business communication is about real world relationships, (avoiding techno speak and meaningless jargon).

I deliver transformational offline and digital marketing campaign strategies, coach digital marketing and social media marketing workshops and select scalable, suitable technologies (being a recognized assessor of technology platforms). I can make digital marketing work for businesses who want to achieve real tangible results for their brand and bottom line.

Why Me?
Becoming an independent consultant over seven years ago, I acquired the knowledge, insights and skills in leveraging the use of digital marketing to contact people, nurture relationships, close, grow networks, and so built businesses and a few good friendships along the way.

With Whom Have I Worked?
I have worked with businesses of all sizes from SME’s such as The Leading Edge Forum to and including Microsoft reseller channel and IBM (I am on their global social media influencer list to promote and attend webinars around the use of big data in business.)

How Do I Work?
I get to understand the dynamics of any current situation, listening to ensure the key business drivers and issues are aligned. I work with key stakeholders to create a strategy for building value into businesses and brand names. This is achieved through brand engagement in the marketplace, the sales channel, to the end user and overall with the business model.

My Lessons in Digital Marketing
Digital marketing and social are often used tactically, so I ensure they address strategic objectives. Having experience in optimizing profits through ‘engaging with purpose’; I ensure business, brand advocacy and authority is created from every digital experience with your team members and the market, alike.

How do I Build Business and Brand Value?
I help to grow the values of your business and brand(s) online and offline, crafting every digital touchpoint to be clearly focused on engaging, connecting and forging commitment with all stakeholders to your business.

Every digital touchpoint costs money so it has to have a life, however brief, to engage, captivate, inspire and address the objective of the campaign. I set new performance delivery standards for campaign management and a reduction of investments (and increased) sustainable campaign ROI.

Contact me on Twitter for a fast response @NatSchooler

or email nat@natschooler.com

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