11 Reasons Why You Need To Build Your Personal Brand


Why Build Your Personal Brand

Why Build Your Personal Brand?

There are many reasons to build your personal brand, of course there are the obvious ones, directly related to income levels and standard of living. There are also the less obvious self-esteem boosting reasons and more fulfillment at work can mean more happiness at home too.

Building your brand means that you may become someone who can build their authority and gravitas in the eyes of your peers. So, you have a chance to share your perceptions, knowledge, insights and experience with any reader of your blog and perhaps help them to do likewise. Passing on all this for the benefit of others is very rewarding.

Communicating valuable information to your community via your blog (if you have one) and social media channels is a key part of building your brand. Without having a blog, you will be sending traffic to other people’s websites and building their mailing lists instead of yours.

11 Reasons to “Build The Brand Of You”

1) To open new professional opportunities, whether that means a new job in a new company, a promotion, or it may mean starting your own business or even formulating a partnership, building the brand of you is key to all of this.

2) Building stronger relationships with your clients and your network, so if they hear of any business opportunity you will be the first to hear and they will also assist you in any way possible as they know you have a certain weight behind your “persona”.

3) Adding depth to current existing relationships and adding value to them that brings something tangible to them, that they may act upon, hence building the brand of you is crucial.

4) To build up an audience from blogging where you could potentially launch a product and service offering designed specifically with them in mind.

5) Building the brand of you is key to finding the right mentors; they can see who you are without wasting time.

6) Crafting your brand allows people to understand what synergies you may have, what makes you ‘tick’ and leads to more productive, meaningful relationships.

7) Building your brand is a proven way to craft a positioning and a differentiation and staying ahead of industry developments as a “Thought leader” in your field.

8) Building recognition within your industry for the hard work that you have put in builds your self-esteem and can build your credibility amongst your peers and industry influencers.

9) Your cutting edge knowledge and expertise commands a premium and you will be able to leverage this value in your fees and negotiate better payment terms and perks of the job.

10) Creates a revenue generator rather than a direct cost to the businesses you work with, considering how many new business leads your articles, videos and social media accounts generate.

11) Expanding your knowledge and credibility into other areas of your niche.

Sharing your unique voice and not being afraid to stand up and be yourself is one of the best things I have ever done in my professional career.

Don’t forget that your personality and opinions may not suit everyone’s taste. So take the time to consider who you are and who you would like to work with. Then you make sure that you show this off in your blog and via whatever content you create.

Do not become just another carbon copy of someone else you have seen online who you think looks good! Be yourself and don’t be afraid to move forwards and grow into the person that you would like to be and in many cases already are.

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  1. Robert Nissenbaum September 13, 2017 at 5:46 pm #

    I’ll add #12 as a powerful way to establish and manage your reputation. I have worked with small business owners who never branded themselves, then through unfortunate circumstances found a single negative article about them dominate SERPs for years.

    Great list Nathaniel

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